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“How I live each day determines how I create my life, because my day is my life.” – Hal Elrod
CDYDP was made after its creator read a plethora of books, eBooks and blog posts about productivity, as well as watched plenty of interviews of entrepreneurs and other successful people around the world, learning their secret strategies and how they get so much done every single day. It’s also the result of a lot of trial and error and almost a year spent getting the system right.

Key Features

Explains 5 types of energy boosters to sustain productivity

Helps you find your WHY

Helps you set up morning and nightly rituals

Helps you set goals and then break them into action steps

Provides a weekly brain dump to eliminate the sense of being overwhelmed

Helps you set weekly goals with self-imposed deadlines

Starts your day with creative affirmations

Helps you set 3-5 daily goals based on priority

Explains ways to deal with procrastination

Helps you work in time blocks

Provides a “reminders” section to keep you from becoming distracted

Helps you evaluate yourself at the end of each day

Provides a “done” list to help you take success in every day

Provides weekly quotations as a means of inspiration

Provides a weekly review to measure your progress

Physical features

2-page markers

Aesthetic look

Minimalist and clutter-free design

Hardbound and soft feel


Lays flat on table

Includes full page spread for Saturdays and Sundays

No. of months: 6

No. of pages: 288

Size: 8” X 10”


High-quality paper

Imagine a future in which your friends and family are proud of your accomplishments.


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